Nov 21, 2022 | Celebrity

England &c Won’t Wear LGBT Armbands in Islamist Qatar

England &c Won't Wear LGBT Armbands in Islamist Qatar

A large cohort of European nations has announced that they are scrapping plans to see their players wear pro-LGBT armbands in Islamist Qatar during the World Cup.

The national football associations of England, Wales, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands and Switzerland have all backed down on their pledge to get their team captains to wear pro-LGBT armbands at the World Cup, which is being held in the Islamist state of Qatar.

While many western pundits and nations have expressed outrage that the sporting competition is being held in the middle-eastern state for issues not limited to extreme homophobia and slavery allegations, these protests so far have so far fallen flat with the Qatari government showing no sign of backing down on its own Islamist agenda during the competition.

This trend of the woke West failing to impose its values externally appears to have…

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