Aug 3, 2022 | Politics

What’s Inside the Pfizer and Moderna ‘Vaccine’ Vials?

What's Inside the Pfizer and Moderna 'Vaccine' Vials?

Steve Kirsch, founder & executive director for the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation, reported in his substack newsletter that his colleague ran a mass spectrometry analysis of four COVID-19 jab vials.

Two vials were from Moderna and two from Pfizer.

Kirsch reported his colleague’s findings in this substack post:

He found PEG, but no phosphorus which means he found the lipid nanoparticles, but no payload or preservative. A bunch of blanks. No mRNA.

Some people speculate that it’s because there was breakdown of the mRNA because it wasn’t kept at temperature. Nice theory, but that would violate the laws of physics: stable elements don’t break down. If there was mRNA in the vials, we’d find phosphorus, it doesn’t matter if the strands are broken or degraded. Stable elements don’t degrade.

Do I believe all the vials are blanks? No! If they were all blanks, we wouldn’t…

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