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Musk Voting Trump In 2024?

Musk Voting Trump In 2024?

Elon Musk is a picture-perfect microcosm of what is coming in 2022 and beyond.

Every sane, rational person in the country is rallying against the corruption, degradation, and desolation of the ‘progressive’ left after the dumpster fire of the last 2 years.

“Build, back, better” is going to become a historic euphemism for catastrophic failure the same way “Pyrrhic victory” is used to denote a worthless victory today.

Musk, who has never voted Republican in his life, has announced that he is voting right-wing this time around because leftists have completely broken with reality.

Previously, he said he would throw his support behind Governor Ron DeSantis, but when asked if he would vote for Donald Trump he said he’s “undecided”…

Call me crazy, but I think Musk is a closet Trump supporter! He could have, just as easily, completely dismissed the Trump question, but he didn’t…

Couple this with the very real possibility that both may end up running on the same ticket and I think we may have a potential vote for Trump in Elon Musk.

Here’s what he recently had to say:

Business Insider provided more insight:

Musk initially dodged the question about Trump by clarifying his position on DeSantis, saying he had answered a Twitter user on who he was leaning towards as a presidential candidate, but that he was still undecided.

When Micklethwait pressed him on whether he would consider Trump Musk said: “I’m undecided at this point on that election.”


Musk claimed he would donate $20-$25 million to a GOP candidate via Western Journal:

“I’ve not decided on an amount, but it would be some non-trivial figure, I think,” he said, before being asked about what “non-trivial” might mean.

“Well, I’ve not decided on an exact amount, but perhaps it would be $20 million or $25 million,” he said.

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