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(WATCH) House Republican Who Voted to Impeach Trump Warns He ‘Will Be Hard To Stop’ in 2024

(WATCH) House Republican Who Voted to Impeach Trump Warns He ‘Will Be Hard To Stop’ in 2024

One of the House Republicans who voted to impeach President Trump after January 6th said that he’ll be “hard to stop” in 2024 because voters “still like him a lot.”

Rep. Fred Upton (R-Mich.) explained on CNN’s “State of the Union” Sunday that Trump will be difficult to beat if he runs for president due to high food and gas prices brought on by Joe Biden’s policies.

“He’s had a number of decisive wins, where he’s endorsed candidates that they have won,” Upton said of Trump.

“He’s had a few losses as well, but he certainly entertains a majority of the Republican base and will be hard to stop.”

Rep. Tom Rice (R-SC), one of the other House Republicans who voted to impeach President Trump, lost his primary race to Trump-endorsed Russell Fry.

ELECTION UPDATE: U.S. Rep. Tom Rice, One of 10 House Republicans to Vote for Trump’s Impeachment, Ousted in Primary by Trump-Endorsed Russell Fry

Watch the clip of Upton below:

Infowars reported:

Trump would also be formidable against Biden given Biden’s approval is even lower than Trump’s was at the same point in his presidency, Upton lamented.

“As we look at the economy, we look at gas prices, all these different things, folks are not really happy with the Biden administration, which is why he is mired at a level even below where Donald Trump was at this point in his tenure,” Upton said.

Upton, who opted to retire at the end of his term following his vote to impeach Trump, claimed a few of the other 9 Republicans who voted to impeach him may survive the midterm elections.

“We will see when these primaries are over, but yes, I think there will be some of the 10 that are standing,” Upton said.

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