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(WATCH) Footage Shows Dan ‘Eyepatch McCain’ Crenshaw’s Crew Assaulted Conservative Comedian Alex Stein; Media Defends the RINO, WEF-Linked Congressman

(WATCH) Footage Shows Dan 'Eyepatch McCain' Crenshaw's Crew Assaulted Conservative Comedian Alex Stein; Media Defends the RINO, WEF-Linked Congressman

RINO, WEF-linked Rep. Dan Crenshaw was confronted by conservative comedian Alex Stein at the Texas GOP Convention over Ukraine aid funding, red flag gun laws, and his globalist ties to the World Economic Forum.

Stein called Crenshaw “Eyepatch McCain” during the encounter.

After calling Crenshaw a “RINO” and “globalist,” Stein was swarmed by Crenshaw’s security team.

“Eyepatch McCain!” Stein shouted at Crenshaw.

“You’re a RINO. You’re a globalist!”


Activists Alex Rosen and Cassady Campbell also attempted to ask the RINO about his support for sending $40 billion to Ukraine and his links to the WEF.

Dan Crenshaw was one of the WEF’s 2019 Young Global Leaders, but the WEF website scrubbed the page of participants.

Here’s an archived screenshot:

Media outlets had claimed that Stein and his friends assaulted Crenshaw and his staff while confronting him about his bad policies, including his support for red flag laws and seemingly endless funding for Ukraine.

Mediaite ran the headline, ‘Dan Crenshaw & Staff Physically Assaulted by Right Wing Attackers Shouting ‘Eyepatch McCain’ at TX GOP.’

Crenshaw himself quote tweeted the claim, writing, “this is what happens when angry little boys like @alexstein99 don’t grow up and can’t get girlfriends.”

Stein responded by saying, “Dan, I’m 2 feet taller than you bud…lol.”

Social media users quickly pointed out that claims of Stein assaulting Crenshaw and his security were completely fabricated.

A new video, published early Sunday morning, showed in full detail and without any doubt, that Stein was assaulted by Crenshaw’s crew.


This comes a day after Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) was booed at the convention for supporting red flag gun laws.

Stein also confronted Sen. Ted Cruz (TX) at the Texas GOP Convention for endless money going to Ukraine instead of the American people.

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