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FDA Wants to Scrap Future COVID-19 Jab ‘Clinical Trials’ for Big Pharma

FDA Wants to Scrap Future COVID-19 Jab 'Clinical Trials' for Big Pharma

Dr. Toby Rogers discussed a scheme devised by Pfizer and Moderna called the “Future Framework” to skip clinical trials in perpetuity.

The scheme is being enabled by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, according to Rogers.

The FDA is set to vote on a proposal for the “Future Framework” on June 28th.

“The proposal is to say that any reformulated COVID-19 shots are biologically similar to existing COVID-19 shots. And so therefore, they can skip clinical trials altogether,” Rogers explained.

“We won’t have any human data at all,” he added.

Rogers emphasized that if this goes through, we won’t have any human data for future COVID-19 shots.

“The Future Framework is the worst idea in the history of public health,” Rogers noted.

“The Future Framework is an existential threat to the future of the United States, and the FDA has lost its mind and must be stopped.”


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Toby Rogers wrote in uTobian:

The purpose of the “Future Framework” is to rig the Covid-19 vaccine regulatory process in perpetuity in favor of the pharmaceutical industry. If this “Future Framework” is approved all future Covid-19 shots, regardless of the formulation, will automatically be deemed “safe and effective” without additional clinical trials because they are considered “biologically similar” to existing shots.

This is literally the worst idea in the history of public health.

If you change a single molecule of mRNA in these shots it will change health outcomes in ways that no one can anticipate. That necessarily requires new clinical trials — which is what the FDA is proposing to skip.

The FDA’s “expert advisory committee” (VRBPAC) met on April 6, 2022 to discuss the “Future Framework” for the first time. All of the committee members agreed that Covid-19 shots are not working, that boosting multiple times a year was not feasible, and that the shots need to be reformulated. They also unanimously agreed that there are no “correlates of protection” that one can use to predict what antibody levels would be sufficient to prevent SARS-CoV-2 infection.

On June 28 the VRBPAC will meet once again to discuss the “Future Framework” and it will be presented as a done deal because manufacturers want a decision on vaccine strain selection by June in order to deliver shots for autumn vaccination appointments.

The FDA authorized Covid-19 shots for kids on June 14 and 15. So if the FDA approves the “Future Framework” on June 28th, the shots that will be given to kids (and Americans of all ages) in the fall will be the reformulated shots that skipped clinical trials.

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