Jan 25, 2023 | Politics

Why Is Sandra Bullock’s Face Cream Made From “Little Boy Penis Foreskins”?

Why Is Sandra Bullock's Face Cream Made From "Little Boy Penis Foreskins"?

Yes, this is real…

And yes it is VERY disturbing!

While researching a different story (which I will post next), I came across this video and I was so stunned by the headline I had to watch to see if it was true.

It seems to be true.

I haven’t seen anywhere that says this was a Deep Fake or hacked or something.

It appears real.

It also appears that Sandra Bullock is very uncomfortable telling this story, which leads me to believe it wasn’t her idea.

It leads me to believe she was forced (by Elites?) to put herself in this compromising situation by telling this compromising story.

But that’s just a hunch.

You can watch and see for yourself:

And in case that gets taken down, here is a backup:

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