Jan 20, 2023 | Politics

Why Is A Creepy Old Man Giving A Junior-Higher A Condom?

Why Is A Creepy Old Man Giving A Junior-Higher A Condom?

These people get more and more sick as each day passes by.

The latest?

Well, the latest is the image above.

What is this, you ask?

Well, it’s a creepy old man handing a rubber to a kid in Junior High.

Yes, that is a 100% accurate description.

Who would spend their time creating something like that?

Trojan Condoms in association with Planned Parenthood of course…

Keep reading and watch the video below to see for yourself!

The Idaho Freedom Foundation (IFF) first covered this story and let the world know about an animated sex video being shown in the classroom to 8th Graders.

The video was made by Trojan Condoms and was used as part of a Planned Parenthood sex education program.

But you really need to see it, so here you go…

The video is cheekily titled “Condom Sense”:

Here’s the alert put out by the Idaho Freedom…

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