Jan 21, 2023 | Politics

Slovenia Foreign Minister Calls for Obedience to “The World Order”

Slovenia Foreign Minister Calls for Obedience to "The World Order"

At the Davos Clown Show, Slovenian Foreign Minister Tanja Fajon made a plea for countries around the world to ditch their national interests in favor of the globalist agenda.

Perhaps the WEF puppet senses that many nations are building a resistance to the globalist elite and their plans to enslave humanity.

Fajon is a Social Democrat, part of the Party of European Socialists and a former Member of the European Parliament from Slovenia.

She said countries need to follow the rules of international law and not their national interests.

The socialist used Russia as an example in her discussion addressing the topic of “global fragmentation.”

“We have to take care of the rules of the international law and really respect that. And not change it in a time when there are countries that the way not to respect them,” Fajon said.

“Russia chose that way. So we have countries that are…

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