Jan 23, 2023 | Politics

WEF “Elites” Demand a “New World Order”….While Standing In Front Of A Swastika

WEF "Elites" Demand a "New World Order"....While Standing In Front Of A Swastika

Oh the irony!

Except….I don’t think it IS irony…

I think it’s intentional.

Why is Klaus Schwab now using a NAZI symbol in his speeches?

You’d think that would be a headline from The Onion, but it’s not.

Sadly, this is a real question and spoiler alert: major parts of it are confirmed.

Let’s dig in…

So yesterday pictures of this APEC CEO Summit started going viral online.

Take a look:

Klaus was a speaker.

And take a look at that image behind him…

Ummmm, is that what I think it is?

Is that what we ALL think it is?

Let’s look at some other pictures:

Here’s a zoom…

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