Mar 7, 2023 | Politics

The Video Hillary Clinton Does Not Want You To See…

The Video Hillary Clinton Does Not Want You To See...

Most of you have probably heard the names Seth Rich or Vince Foster.

But you may not know all the details of their story….

….or what happened to them.

Or what Bill and Hillary did to them.


At least that’s what a lot of people believe.

In fact, here is an epic video of Norm Macdonald going on The View back in 2000 and telling Barbara the other ladies that quote: “Bill Clinton killed a guy!  You didn’t know?”

It’s such a good clip.

Watch here:

As they always say with comedy, it usually only works if it’s rooted in truth.

And the truth, as many would allege, is that it wasn’t just one guy.

Many people believe it was several.

Watch this short 2 minute video explaining it all:

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