Feb 21, 2023 | Politics

The Hunted Becomes The Hunter, An Update On James O’Keefe And Veritas

The Hunted Becomes The Hunter, An Update On James O'Keefe And Veritas

I stand with James O’Keefe.

As independent media journalists, our number one priority is exposing the corruption of the establishment at any cost—the future of humanity depends on it. …

If we don’t then we will all be eating Soylent Green in our tiny eco-pods while having a forced subscription to Pfizer’s injection service, all paid with through CBDC credits linked to a QR-code printed on our wrists.

I am not using hyperbole here—this is the vision that the establishment and the Davos types have for you and me.

Following an absolutely earth-shattering report from Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe, revealing Pfizer’s plans for ‘directed evolution’ of viral strains and biological weapons of war, O’Keefe was reportedly placed on administrative leave.

The organization played with various explanations for about a week, first claiming O’Keefe was not placed on…

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