Mar 3, 2023 | Politics

Ted Cruz Unloads On Fauci During CPAC 2023

Ted Cruz Unloads On Fauci During CPAC 2023

Fauci lied and millions died.

30 years ago, this scientific terrorist bungled the AIDS crisis by pushing AZT as the only viable option for those inflicted with the fatal disease. …

The ‘solution’ killed more people, and at a faster rate, than AIDS itself.

According to many, and I agree with them, Fauci should have been imprisoned 30 years ago when he precipitated the AZT crisis.

Instead, he rose to the ranks of being the highest-paid federal employee and got a second chance to conduct mass experiments on an unsuspecting populace. …

Members of the GOP, most notably Rand Paul, have gone on the offensive against Fauci and now Ted Cruz is calling for Fauci’s prosecution at this year’s CPAC:

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