Mar 3, 2023 | Politics

Matt Gaetz Issues Threat To The Deep State

Matt Gaetz Issues Threat To The Deep State

Matt Gaetz is one of the few who speaks truth to power on Capitol Hill.

The Florida Congressman has become increasingly at odds with the establishment wing of the GOP, voicing unadulterated support for America First policies and common sense.

Gaetz didn’t deviate from the path at this year’s CPAC—quite the opposite, he dug in.

Addressing the crowd, Gaetz told the audience and America that we need to abolish the FBI, CDC, DHS, and other government agencies if they continue to be tools of the Democrat Party.

Beyond that, these agencies wreak havoc on the American people and put them in danger every single day. …

The biggest threat to American safety on American soil isn’t China, Isis, or the fabled Russian hacker—its unaccountable bureaucrats and the intelligence agencies—the political ticks parasitizing the American people.

Here’s what he had to say at CPAC 2023, and…

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