Feb 18, 2023 | Politics

Kamala Harris Pushes Us One Step Closer To WWIII

Kamala Harris Pushes Us One Step Closer To WWIII

There cannot have been a more irresponsible statement made…

While our brothers and sisters face one of the worst environmental catastrophes in U.S. history, the Biden administration is focused on sending billions to Ukraine—a country that is practically a Russian suburb—just as corrupt, just as backward, and they speak the same language too.

Simply put, Ukraine is a fake country—an artifact of the U.S.-led global order, defined by artificial divisions that have been in place since 1991; we should be paying 0 attention to it and sending 0 dollars over there.

This entire issue could have been avoided if an increasingly bloated, globalist, and imperial federal government did not provoke Russia through NATO expansion and placing weapons of mass destruction on the Russian border. …

Using Ukraine as a staging ground for reconnaissance missions into Russia is what directly led to…

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