Feb 23, 2023 | Politics

Biden’s Disastrous Foreign Policy On Display—WWIII Imminent?

Biden's Disastrous Foreign Policy On Display—WWIII Imminent?

I have said it before and I’ll say it again: even a child knows not to antagonize neighbors or close pairs. …

The only effect that this type of foolish behavior could possibly engender is for those two entities to come closer together—to unite against the antagonist.

Right now China and Russia are that pair and the Biden regime is the foolish antagonist.

If we are a modern-day Rome, China is modern-day Carthage—our greatest rival.

It should hold true that if the United States is to maintain global hegemony, every effort should be made to throttle the rise of China—China should be the main geo-strategic target.

in other words, every effort should have been made to pull China and Russia apart—to put them at odds with one another.

Instead, through engaging in a proxy war, in which we have very little if anything to gain, the Biden administration has driven China and Russia…

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