Mar 14, 2023 | Politics

“Vitamin D” Is Trending Again Today!

"Vitamin D" Is Trending Again Today!

We shouted this from the rooftops from Day 1!

In fact, I think I may be one of the largest Vitamin D sellers in the world after I kept imploring everyone to get some and take it regularly!

Who else would have known?

All the doctors that got banned from social media and their medical licenses taken away for promoting things like Vitamin D, Ivermectin and other simple remedies!

Who should have known?

The MSM.

Big Tech.

Big Pharma.

Oh, I believe they certainly did know, but you know what the problem is?

Vitamin D is CHEAP!

And not patented!

And they needed us locked up in our houses for so many reasons…

To complete the 2020 Steal…

To demoralize the people…

To weaken America…

And so they could NOT allow the truth about Vitamin D to actually be admitted.

Yet here we are 2 years later and the truth has now came out.

It works.

It works really well.


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