Jan 22, 2023 | Politics

Please Don’t Get Scammed With “Trump” TRB Checks! [From Noah]

Please Don't Get Scammed With "Trump" TRB Checks! [From Noah]

This is an update to a story I’ve brought you FOUR times already…

I can’t even believe I have to keep covering this, but I will never stop if it helps protect even ONE person from being ripped off.

So here’s the latest…

So scammer infiltrated our Group Chat on Telegram today and posted this SPAM/SCAM message:

Which immediately led to these people asking about it:

Kudos to Brenda and Ray who saw right through it.

Sadly, not everyone does and the scammers are likely making HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars off this scam.

It’s SICK.

One person emailed me CRYING, saying they were retirees on fixed incomes and they saved up and skipped all Christmas presents just to buy one of these TRB Checks and the stupid “Handbook” because they thought it would soon be worth millions.

I sadly had to explain to them it would not.

They were devestated.

And that’s why I will never…

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