Feb 4, 2023 | Politics

UPDATE On The China Spy Balloon

UPDATE On The China Spy Balloon

It’s been a wild 24 hours, hasn’t it?

We’ve got one (or make that two?) weather balloon up in the air crossing over the continental United States…

They appear to be from China.

It’s unknown what data they are collecting and transmitting.

And then last night we had what appears to be an explosion over Montana.

Reports are conflicting about what happened — or whether anything happened at all.

The explosion over Montana does NOT appear to be of the CHGINA weather balloon, so what was it?

We’re still piecing together details all of this, but I wanted to give you an update on what we know so far…

First, let’s start with the comical and then we’ll get serious.

Because these are too funny to pass up…and you gotta laugh a little, especially when things get really serious and it looks like we may currently be living through an invasion of the mainland:

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