Nov 10, 2022 | Politics

Maricopa County Printer Issue—17,000 Ballots Potentially IMPACTED

New Mexico Judge Rules For Voting Record Transparency

Maricopa County seems to have a problem…

For 2 years and counting, Maricopa County has been the feature of numerous headlines relating to election ‘irregularities’—we will call them that.

Most recently, we reported that Maricopa County’s 2022 midterm elections were suffering from a tabulation error and in response, the RNC asked for a 3-hour extension on polling.

Following the troubling ‘irregularities’ the county was sued by Kari Lake and the RNC…

Now we are getting word that 17,000 ballots were potentially impacted by a ‘printing error’ resulting from some sort of calibration problem on the ballot printer.

Previously, Maricopa County officials claimed that the issue was resolved through a simple recalibration of the printer’s ink settings:

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