Mar 12, 2023 | Politics

“Ray Epps CLEARLY Was Working For Somebody…”

"Ray Epps CLEARLY Was Working For Somebody..."

Tucker has been on a wild tear this weekend.

He went on the FullSend podcast yesterday and there are so many hilarious and newsworthy clips from that interview I’m having trouble keeping up!

One breaking alert that I covered yesterday is Tucker coming out and saying 100% aliens and UFOs are real and he’s seen the evidence.

But now I want to talk about another interview he just did (where Tucker was the guest, not the interviewer) where he’s talking about Ray Epps.

Tucker seems to be virtually the only person in the MSM who is covering all of these topics like the J6 Truth, Aliens/UFOs and now Ray Epps.

If you don’t know who Ray Epps is or why it matters, read this:

Who Is Ray Epps — And Why Does It Matter?

For everyone else who already knows who Ray Epps is, watch this new clip where Tucker breaks the Ray Epps story wide open…

Watch here:

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