Nov 23, 2022 | Politics

Tucker Just Exposed The Pedo-Elite Live On The Air…

Tucker Just Exposed The Pedo-Elite Live On The Air...

Free speech is starting to make a comeback…

I have famously said that just like a lion, you don’t need to defend the truth, you simply need to set it free and it will do the rest!

And we’re starting to see that play out in stunning fashion.

Truth is free again on Twitter…

And truth is even starting to be told on Fox News, thanks at least to Tucker Carlson.

Can you believe Tucker was able to air this tonight?

That’s just a one minute clip, but if you want more I have the full segment for you right here.

Watch on Rumble:

Is the narrative about to break wide open?

Remember Pizzagate?

I do!

It was real then and it’s real now.

Maybe that story will finally be told…

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