Nov 27, 2022 | Politics

A Warfare From the Sky, Small Craft With President Trump

A Warfare From the Sky, Small Craft With President Trump

Timothy Dixon just posted a brand new prophetic dream…

I have a feeling that once we look back on all of this when everything is said and done, we’re going to look back on a lot of these prophetic dreams and understand exactly what everything meant.

Right now, this is troublesome.

Reminds me very much of the chemtrails.

Watch here:

Here’s a backup on Rumble:

And if you missed his other messages, here are the latest before this one…

Timothy Dixon Prophetic Vision: EBS SOUNDS, UNCOVERING A GREAT DEATH

I have two eye-opening brand new videos for you from Timothy Dixon.

Do with them as you wish.

I personally found them incredibly fascinating…and encouraging!

This is not the first time Dixon has told us there was a death in the White House.

In fact, he told us Biden was dead over a year ago.

He’s sounding the alarm…

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