Oct 2, 2022 | Politics

Timothy Dixon Joins Robin Bullock’s Church For Special Night!

Timothy Dixon Joins Robin Bullock's Church For Special Night!

Thanks very much to a reader who sent me this link.

This is Robin Bullock’s church with a very special guest: Timothy Dixon.

This video really is fantastic.

And before we jump into it, I know some people take issue with some of the prophetic voices we follow.

Some think prophets don’t exist anymore…

Some think some of these people are secret agents working for the other side…

All I can tell you is I hear both of these men often esteem the name of Jesus Christ and exalt him above all other names, and that seems good enough for me.

Now…Hank Kunneman is another story, and I’ve covered that ad naseum before so I won’t recap it right now, although I will post it below for those who somehow missed it because I always get emails asking what’s the deal with Hank.  Read farther below.

But for everyone else, if they profess Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, then I’m going to…

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