Oct 6, 2022 | Politics

Something Bigger Than I’ve Ever Seen Is Happening…

Something Bigger Than I've Ever Seen Is Happening...

Tim Sheets is really becomes one of my favorites.

A preacher.

A teacher.

A prophet.

And just a really solid Biblical teacher.

But someone who experiences the angelic and prophetic on a regular basis.

Did you know the Bible is a supernatural book?

From start to finish, the supernatural is all over the Bible.

So to pretend like Angels don’t exist is just foolish.

I love how Tim experiences them and then reports on what he sees.

This latest one is on fire.

He says what he’s seeing right now in the Angelic realm is unlike anything he’s ever seen in his lifetime.

I’ll let him explain the rest and also do some teaching.

This is so good, please enjoy:

If you want more, keep reading.

This is another recent post that lines up very well with the one above.

Tim Sheets: A “Mega Event” Is About To Take Place!

Tim Sheets is…

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