Mar 21, 2023 | Politics

The Trump Arrest Explained

The Trump Arrest Explained

Are you finding the Trump arrest story hard to follow?

Don’t understand what they are arresting him for?

That’s by design.

The MSM doesn’t want you to understand it.


They just want you to hear “Trump” and “Arrest” in the same sentence so they can say “we finally got him!”


Trump bad!

We told you!

Orange man bad!

If you’re confused, I can help.

Glenn Beck had Alan Dershowitz on his show today to break it all down.

To explain it.

Here’s the short summary:  they’re taking a charge that is a misdemeanor, which is BEYOND the statute of limitations, and trying to add a second charge to it to somehow make it a felony.

Almost no legal expert thinks it holds up.

It’s a completely phony charge.


Trump did nothing wrong, and they’re so out of ideas that they’re using an idea that everyone else has rejected for the past 3 years.

Watch this for…

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