Mar 7, 2023 | Politics

The Ron DeSantis “HACK” for Defeating Trump

The Ron DeSantis "HACK" for Defeating Trump

SPOILER ALERT: before I even explain this article, I’m going to make one clear statement.

Are you ready?

Ain’t nobody beating Trump!

Read that again.

Ain’t NOBODY…..BEATING……Trump.

Oh it’s possible they will try and steal it again, absolutely.

No doubt they will try.

They tried in 2016 and failed.

They tried in 202 and succeeded (unless, of course, it was a giant sting operation that hasn’t been fully disclosed yet?  Just sayin’….)

But what about 2024?

No one is beating Trump head to head, definitely no DeSanctimonius.

Sorry Ron, I like a lot of things you do, but I don’t trust you.

I also don’t believe you have the DNA of a fighter.

I believe you put on a brave act and try to jin up courage and fight, but I don’t think it’s in your DNA.

You know who does have it, other than Trump of course?

Kari Freaking Lake.

Kari Lake has the BDE — and if you…

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