Oct 1, 2022 | Politics

The First Arrest Will Shock The World?

The First Arrest Will Shock The World?

Remember how Q said “the first arrest will shock the world”?

It was back in 2019.

December 17, 2019 to be exact.

It was dropped by Q himself and it is one of the most famous “Q Drops” out there.

The first arrest will trigger a mass pop awakening.

It also confirms we’ll be at Marker 9, which is far along in the timeline.

Here are screenshots:

I’ve written about this a lot in the past and we’ve had different theories on who it would be…

People always think the first arrest to shock the world will be Hillary or Obama.

I’ve written on this in the past and made the argument that this wouldn’t shock anyone.

We all think those two are crocked as can be, so would it be “shocking”?

I don’t know.

One that I thought would be shocking would be Bush Sr. or Bush Jr., now that would shock both sides of the aisle.

I made that argument here:

What Was In Those Bush Sr….

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