Nov 30, 2022 | Politics

The Brunson Brothers All Play The TRUMPet!

The Brunson Brothers All Play The TRUMPet!

You may be asking yourself, who are the Brunson Brothers?

And why do I care?

I can answer that.

And you’ll care a lot!

So here’s the deal…

The Brunson brothers are the guys who filed the soon-to-be famous Supreme Court case of Brunson vs. Adams.

We’re calling it the “Miracle Supreme Court case”.

Here’s what people are saying about the case and the Brunson brothers who filed it:

High praise!

And well deserved.

They literally may go down in history as saving the Republic.

I’ll give you the full details about the case a little farther down below, but first you have to check this out…

These legal geniuses behind this case are also famous for….get this….playing the TRUMPet!

Check this out:

For more on that, you can watch their interview below, and near the end they talk about how they play the…

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