Nov 21, 2022 | Politics

The Bible Provides The Remedy We Need Right Now?

The Bible Provides The Remedy We Need Right Now?

*NATIONAL POLL*:  What Should Be The Penalty For TREASON?  Death By \_\_\_\_\_\_? Treason against USA shld be death… Public hanging from the yardarm of the USS Constitution in Boston Harbor! Yes, Shoveling dirt/rocks lifelong. Firing squad ! Firing squad!! Firing squad Death by hanging Slow blood letting by leaches firing squad Hanging or firing squad Death or life imprisonment in solitary Let them bake in the Az. Sun Hanging Hang them! Hanging or Firing Squad hanging Public Crucifixion Hanging Loss of American citizenship and permanent deportation. Firing squad Life in prison without possibility of parole Hang am high Hanging but you gotta get all the dems this is our country and faith. Freedom let us the American people hang all their asses Firing Squad Death burning Put them in an apple storage room. There’s NO AIR!…

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