Feb 21, 2023 | Politics

Sorry Folks! There Is No NESARA / GESARA Coming To Save You…

Sorry Folks! There Is No NESARA / GESARA Coming To Save You...

This may not be a popular post for some people.

I get it.

I’m ok with that.

Because I don’t write articles based on polls of whether they will make people happy.

I don’t write articles to tickle itching ears.

I write articles to print the TRUTH.

The truth they won’t tell you in the MSM.

That’s been my mission since 2015, and it’s not changing now!

So I have to tell you this truth: there is no NESARA / GESARA coming to save you.

No, they’re not going to abolish the IRS.

No, they’re not suddenly going to just wipe away all your debts.

No, they’re not going suddenly hand you a free $50,000.

Folks, even though we’d all LOVE for those things to happen, the reality is if they did you wouldn’t want to live in that kind of a world.

If they did all I just listed above, the $50,000 they just handed you would be worth about the same as $5 today.

It’s called inflation…

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