Mar 5, 2023 | Politics

So We Never Landed On The Moon?

So We Never Landed On The Moon?

Earlier today I was joking around on Twitter and I posted this:

If you don’t get it, read it again.

It’s a joke.

A stolen joke, I admit it.

It was a throwaway joke from the inimitable Norm Macdonald.

Miss that guy so much, but at least we have YouTube.

Anyway, back to the serious topic at hand.

While I was joking in the tweet above, a very serious question remains: Did we truly go to the moon back in 1969?

Now you might think that’s a crazy question, but if you start to dig into it you quickly realize there is a very logical, rational, and evidence-based argument to claim that no, we did not.

COULD not have done it even if we wanted to!

So I wanted to show this interview to you.

This is Patrick Bet David, a guy who I’ve really…

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