Feb 9, 2023 | Politics

“This Sounds Like A Spy Novel, But It Happened — Here!”

"This Sounds Like A Spy Novel, But It Happened -- Here!"

It’s easy to see why Chuck Grassley is one of the most respected, well-liked and longest serving Senators in Congress today.

The man is in his early 1000’s but is still sharp as a tack.

Reminds me a bit like Trump in that regard.

He looks and acts and thinks far younger than his age, at least in terms of strength and agility.

In terms of wisdom, he exceeds his age.

And he put it all out there with one of the most powerful 10 minutes speeches I’ve seen in a while.

This sounds like a spy novel, he says, but it’s not out of Tom Clancy.  This happened here, in the United States, in full violation of our Constitution.

And then he lays it out bit by bit.

Very powerful, this needs to be seen by all voting Americans.

Chuck Grassley says according to whistleblowers, the FBI improperly discredited Hunter Biden information as disinformation, causing any investigations to entirely…

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