Mar 14, 2023 | Politics

Please Don’t Get Conned By The TRB Checks!

Please Don't Get Conned By The TRB Checks!

Yes, I am covering this for the SEVENTH time.


Because I just had to ban someone in Telegram for being mad at ME over the TRB Checks.

They were convinced they were real.


Also, I keep getting emails like this:

That email is from Donna (last name redacted for privacy).

Yes, I realize the email is a little passive aggressive and condescending, but skip over that and I want to show you just how devious these scammers are.

They’ve convinced poor Donna that the “TRB Checks” are real and endorsed by Trump and if they only buy enough of them they’ll soon be made into millionaires!

So sad.

And so scary that people are getting conned out of their hard earned money.

The scammers are SO good that they get people like Donna so convinced that they then send me passive aggressive little emails ending with “Did I misunderstand?” as if it’s some great mic-drop moment…

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