Jan 28, 2023 | Politics

Satanic Ritual Abuse Is Real (100+ Testimonials)

Satanic Ritual Abuse Is Real (100+ Testimonials)

This is a guest post by ConcreteConspiracy — find more from Concrete Conspiracy on Substack here.

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This is a repost. Many have contacted me about their abuse over the last several months. My main objective in posting this again is to give you an idea of how systematic SRA(satanic ritual abuse) is. Some of these anonymous testimonies could bring light to some things that are happening in your community. Please reach out if you want to share your story(even anonymously). Your accounts help many around the world going through the same type of abuse.

Today I will be sharing the experiences of those who were victims of this satanic ritual abuse. I’ve come across many testimonials of survivors wanting to share their stories. I’ve also had people come to me and tell me anonymously what…

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