Jan 23, 2023 | Politics

Rumors Flying That “Damar Hamlin” At The NFL Game Is A Fake

Rumors Flying That "Damar Hamlin" At The NFL Game Is A Fake

Oh boy, here we go…

Let me say right at the onset that I’m not taking a position one way or the other on this but the more I dig into it the more curious I am becoming.

Let’s start with Clif High.

Clif first alerted me to the topic when I saw this post from him a few minutes ago (by the way, shout out to Clif, when are you coming on my show?  Let’s chat it will be fun!):

One more:

Appreciate the heads up Clif, because of course I was not watching the game.

I gave up on the NFL several years ago when they all disrespected our flag, our anthem and our country.

That was enough for me to tune out.

Besides, the product wasn’t all that good to begin with.

I never really understood people getting so into a team they have nothing to do with.

It’s not like you OWN the team…

You don’t play for the team…

The outcome of a game played on a field by overpaid people who just…

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