Mar 12, 2023 | Politics

Is This Why Hollywood Hates Mel Gibson?

Is This Why Hollywood Hates Mel Gibson?

Mel Gibson was once Hollywood royalty.

Starring in back-to-back-to-back blockbusters.

Back when movies were actually entertaining and not just woke garbage.

I miss those movies.

Then suddenly Mel was persona non grata in Hollywood.

Oh it was publicly blamed on a racist rant, we all know that story.

Then it was theorized that he was ostracized for filming the Passion of the Christ, which of course the pedos and sickos in Hollywood hated.

But I recently discovered a new video from Mel from back in the 1990s and I think this explains why he was so hated in Hollywood.

Because he exposed them all.

I had never seen this before but oh wow….

Watch and you’ll see what I mean:


FACT-CHECK: Mel Gibson Is Making A Movie About The Rothschilds?

Mel Gibson was…

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