Oct 27, 2022 | Politics

Racist Messages Including the N-Word from John Fetterman’s Finance Director Revealed on Social Media

Racist Messages Including the N-Word from John Fetterman's Finance Director Revealed on Social Media

Things are going from bad to worse for John Fetterman.

Fetterman, who brutally lost a debate to Dr. Oz, has now been exposed for hiring a finance director with racist social media posts.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t just one “poorly thought out” tweet or something like that.

The finance director appears to have a pattern of racist and offensive posts.

The irony is that the Fetterman campaign was attacking Republicans as racists.

She even used the N-word in one of her posts!

But that’s not all.

She even used homophobic language in her posts.

Screenshots of the social media posts are below:

Ask yourself this question:

If a Republican campaign director had posted ANY of these posts, don’t you think there would be media outcry?

The media would cover it for days on end!

And there would be immense pressure from all sectors of society for the Republican candidate to drop out of…

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