Nov 24, 2022 | Politics

“We Have To Defeat The Climate Hoaxsters!”

"We Have To Defeat The Climate Hoaxsters!"

You’d think I were making this up, but sadly I’m not.

Remember the whole Carbon Tax thing that Obama and the Dems were pushing?

Literally a tax on the air.

Funny, who is described in the Bible as the Prince of the Air?

Anyway, I digress.

Remember that?

Well, here’s the part I bet you didn’t know.

Al Gore was deep into it and had even formed a company with his friend David Blood to capitalize on the new Carbon Tax.

Yup, that’s right.

The Blood and Gore company.

You just CAN’T make this stuff up folks!

And in case you think I’m making it up, I’ve got a link to a Forbes article below to show you it’s sadly very real.

First, take a look at this:

Here are all the details folks, from Forbes no less:

Surprise! Al Gore and his carbon credit huckstering partner David Blood, both principals  at Generation Investment Management (GIM), warn in their October 30 Wall…

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