Nov 19, 2022 | Politics

President Trump Responds To Special Prosecutor!

President Trump Responds To Special Prosecutor!

Earlier this afternoon, news broke that Biden was going after President Trump.

His AG, Merrick Garland, appointed a Special Prosecutor to investigate Trump on at least two different things.

Can you say “rigged”?

Just now, hours later, President Trump has officially responded.

And we have the full speech (minus about 3 minutes).

Watch here on Rumble:

And if you missed the announcement earlier, keep reading….I have all the details below.

We warned you this was coming!

I told you about a month ago, this would happen right after the Midterms.

And guess what?

Here we are, right on schedule.

These people are evil and crooked, but they’re not very original.

They are VERY predictable.

And here we are…

Breaking just this afternoon, U.S. Attorney Merrick Garland has appointed special counsel for two criminal investigations by the Department of Justice of President Trump.


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