Nov 6, 2022 | Politics

“I am the MAGA King!”

"I am the MAGA King!"

This is so good…

Hang with me if you don’t like the title, you’ll love it when you see the clip.

So here is Trump up on stage at a huge MAGA Rally in PA last night and he’s talking about how they try to label him MEGA MAGA or the MAGA King…and as soon as he says MAGA King the crowd erupts with applause!

Being the ultimate showman, he knows when he’s landed upon a winner and he pauses to take a moment.

If I were there I would have cheered too!

Awesome clip, watch this:

Backup here:

Also, you have to see this…

What a contrast, right?

I mean, a BIBLICAL contrast!

Watch this:

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