Nov 18, 2022 | Politics

CONFIRMED Thermite Was Used In 9/11 “Attacks”

CONFIRMED Thermite Was Used In 9/11 "Attacks"

Patrick Bet David is a new favorite channel of mine.

He’s a fantastic interviewer!

His main business is insurance, but he often blends over into things like politics, sports and entertainment.

In fact, his YouTube channel is called Valuetainment.

Value + Entertainment.

And he rarely disappoints.

I am covering him tonight because he had a show talking about 9/11 and you have to understand this is a VERY maintstream show.

He’s not “fringe”.

He’s not “conspiracy theory”.

But he was talking 9/11 and he had on a guest who said there is ZERO chance that jet fuel melted the Twin Towers.

It’s actually scientifically proven that they had molten lava, which cannot scientifically be caused by airline jet fuel burning.

Not even close.

But you know what CAN cause those temperatures?


Exactly what we’ve been telling you for years.

Folks….the truth is coming out!


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