Jan 27, 2023 | Politics

Oops, Biden Admits He’s Added More Debt to the Country Than Any President

Oops, Biden Admits He's Added More Debt to the Country Than Any President

Joe Biden has added more debt to the country than any president in US history.

Just ask him, and he’ll tell you.

Biden said as much yesterday during a press conference:

“No president added more to the debt in four years than my president,” Biden claimed.

Slowly realizing that he had just said something stupid, he attempted to recover:

“I misspoke…  25% of our country’s entire debt.”

Okay then…

Well, there you have it.

Biden previously claimed that his economic plan will reduce the country’s debt by as much as $1 TRILLION in 2023.

The truth of the matter is that Biden has wrecked the economy already with record inflation and giving all our money to Ukraine.

It must be so hard to keep the lies…

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