Nov 30, 2022 | Politics

One More Reason We May NEVER Find Out Who Leaked The SCOTUS Opinion

SCOTUS May Hear Election Rules Arguments Soon

The internet is ablaze with speculation that dates back to the 2014 SCOTUS leak…

Liberal outlets and pundits seem to be having a field day, suggesting that Justice Samuel Alito was responsible for the 2014 Hobby Lobby decision leak.

These reports are currently unverified and they may just represent misdirection by the media establishment or an attempt to stir the pot.

However, we have to read the subtexts here. I don’t think the main takeaway is the incessant finger-pointing or the spread of propaganda.

The main point here is that 8 years later we are still discussing the leak of a SCOTUS decision, with nothing but conjecture, wild speculation, and dubious accusations at best.

What makes us think the more recent SCOTUS leak will be any different? Will we ever truly get any answers or get to the bottom of this? Will we still be wondering about this 8, 9, or 10 years in the…

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