Nov 27, 2022 | Politics

Will You Vote For President Trump a 3rd Time?

Will You Vote For President Trump a 3rd Time?

Hi there!

Noah here and I am tired of all the MSM noise…

All the distraction…

All the DeSantis mumbo-jumbo.

Ron is fine (I think)…but it’s not his turn.

In fact, I don’t even think it’s his turn after Trump.

I do believe that honor will fall to your first woman President, Kari Lake!

But right now I have one simple question for you…

Let’s set the MSM narrative straight and handle this once and for all.

Donald Trump has already said he’s running, so the only question left is: will you vote for him?

Please take a short moment to answer our National Poll right here:

Also, Twitter is on FIRE recently!

Free speech is back and I’m loving it.

We’re adding a bunch of new followers every day and it’s becoming THE place to be.


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