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MyPillow’s “Amazingly Soft And Absorbent” Towel Sets and Bath Sheets…Who Here Has Tried Them?

MyPillow’s “Amazingly Soft And Absorbent” Towel Sets and Bath Sheets...Who Here Has Tried Them?

Have you tried Mike Lindell’s towels and bath sheets?

Leave a comment below if you have.

They are incredible and so much better than the CRAP I used to get at Bed, Bath & Bankrupt…..errrrrr, I mean Bed, Bath & Beyond.

The stuff there was soft but then didn’t actually dry up any water.

It was almost like their towels had some protective coating that repelled the water away!

That’s why I love what Mike and MyPillow have done with towels.

It shouldn’t be rocket science, but these are the ONLY towels I’ve ever used that are super soft…and actually work!

Imagine that!

We also know Mike seems to never rest.

Perhaps this is his secret?  TAP HERE

Or perhaps it’s just because he loves America and wants to leave it in a better place for those that come after him.

Our children…

Our grandchildren….

We all know Mike…

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