Nov 30, 2022 | Politics

Musk Speaks Out On ‘Ridiculous’ Level Of Psy-Ops On Twitter

Musk Speaks Out On 'Ridiculous' Level Of Psy-Ops On Twitter

The next several months are going to be incredibly interesting…

Biden’s administration has already indicated that Twitter is being probed—they’re paying extra special attention to the social media platform ever since Musk took over.

America’s most eccentric billionaire has already indicated that he will release Twitter’s censorship files on the platform itself, could this be the reason they are so afraid?

Collusion between the state and big tech platforms is nothing new to anyone reading this; however, huge portions of the population are either ignorant as to the extent of the collusion, or they’re just naive.

Aside from the blatant censorship, there is a more insidious form of manipulation taking place through Twitter and all the other social media platforms…

I am talking about psy-ops or 5th generational warfare—the usage of automated or spam accounts to…

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