Oct 2, 2022 | Politics

mRNA Flu Shots Coming Soon?

mRNA Flu Shots Coming Soon?

The experimental COVID-19 shots were the first mRNA ‘vaccines’ to be rolled out on a massive scale.

“Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine is the first mRNA product to achieve full FDA approval in the U.S.,” Johns Hopkins stated.

Johns Hopkins explained some of the ‘advances’ utilized to develop mRNA injections:

The early years of mRNA research were marked by a lot of enthusiasm for the technology but some difficult technical challenges that took a great deal of innovation to overcome.

The biggest challenge was that mRNA would be taken up by the body and quickly degraded before it could “deliver” its message—the RNA transcript—and be read into proteins in the cells.

The solution to this problem came from advances in nanotechnology: the development of fatty droplets (lipid nanoparticles) that wrapped the mRNA like a bubble, which allowed entry into the cells. Once inside…

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