Mar 10, 2023 | Politics

Mexican President Obrador Threatens Election Interference In U.S.

Mexican President Obrador Threatens Election Interference In U.S.

I am a strong believer in ending the drug war—prohibition only creates the black markets we see now.

That being said, open borders aren’t exactly helping to solve the current fentanyl crisis that media personalities claim is ravaging the nation.

American and Mexican officials have taken turns pointing fingers at each other and playing the blame game when it comes to framing responsibility for the current problems that drug cartels pose.

In the latest exchange, Mexican President Lopez Obrador outright denied that fentanyl comes from, or is manufactured in Mexico. …

He then went on to say that he is launching an informational campaign against Republicans to sway the American vote against them.

Meanwhile, Senator Ted Cruz recently posted this message, criticizing Biden’s failed border policies and pointing out that Obrador is no opponent to such policies:

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