Feb 13, 2023 | Politics

UFO’s Have Been In Our Airspace for Years & We Don’t Know What They Are

UFO's Have Been In Our Airspace for Years & We Don't Know What They Are

After the uptick in UFO sightings over the last week, Senator Marco Rubio confirmed that they have been ‘operating over restricted US airspace for years’

A fighter jet shot down an ‘unidentified object’ over Lake Huron on Sunday.

It was the third incident in three days – and fourth in eight including the Chinese spy balloon shot down.

Rubio tweeted:

‘The last 72 hours revealed to the public what was happening for years, unidentified aircraft routinely operating over restricted US airspace.

This is why I pushed to take this seriously and created a permanent UAP (unidentified aerial phenomena – equivalent to UFOs) task force two years ago.

Rubio is the…

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